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Riding the Adoption Wave

As colleges and universities continue to move software and systems off-campus and into the cloud at an accelerated pace, rSmart and Kuali are evolving to meet the dynamic needs of higher education.

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The Computer Knows Best

While I am a little twitchy about my browser’s knowledge of my inner self, I am comfortable sitting down at my keyboard and opening up Cloud Express for Kuali Coeus. I know it. It knows me.

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What’s in a Word?

As research administrators, particularly in smaller universities, it is part of our jobs to understand the power of words, and be ever alert for those times when a little bass drumming might go a long way.

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A Eureka Moment: Keeping it Simple with rSmart

We are always looking for ways to simplify our lives and our work, including decisions about installing and upgrading our business software solutions.

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Testing Automation: Upgrading KFS with Speed & Reliability

By moving from a manual, error-prone testing environment to an automated, highly-reliable testing environment, Cornell is able to catch bugs before they go into production, find configuration problems, identify performance issues, and more.

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