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rSmart Cloud Enterprise for Kuali Coeus

Sponsored program and compliance management

The research and grant landscape for higher education is more challenging than ever with an increased focus on research funding, complex compliance regulations, and demand for oversight and reporting. Yet, many institutions still manage research with paper-based processes, disconnected point solutions, and homegrown databases.

A different approach is required; one that fully integrates and streamlines the many tasks involved in pre-award, post-award, and compliance management.

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A Complete, Tailored Solution

With rSmart Cloud Enterprise, you can streamline administration, maximize research funding, and simplify reporting and compliance. Built on open source, community-developed Kuali Coeus software, the software is delivered in our education-focused cloud with added capabilities like out-of-the-box reporting, tailored configuration, and system integration, along with services and support to ensure your success. 

With rSmart Cloud Enterprise for Kuali Coeus, you’ll…

  • Improve sponsored programs efficiency
  • Maximize grant and research funding
  • Automate proposal routing and approval workflow
  • Easily manage, track, and report on research compliance
  • Reduce inaccuracies by eliminating paper-based processes
  • Deploy in the rSmart Cloud for fast, easy, secure, and cost-effective management
  • Streamline pre-award, post-award and compliance

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With rSmart Cloud Enterprise, You Get…

  • Proposal and Budget Development
  • Proposal Validation, Business Rules & Grants.gov
  • Compliance Management
  • Award Management
  • Built-in Reporting
  • Tailored Configuration

Key Features of Cloud Enterprise for Kuali Coeus

Proposal and Budget Development

Proposal and Budget ScreenshotsCreate proposals anywhere, anytime with online access. Log in with your campus credentials and a web browser and initiate a proposal by completing required fields. 

Multiple users can collaborate on a proposal at once so you can easily collaborate with PIs, Administrators, Dept. Chairs, and others throughout the process. Security permissions ensure that users only have access to information and functionality that aligns with their job role and responsibilities.

Proposal Validation, Business Rules & Grants.gov

Automated workflow speeds approval processes. Prior to submission, validation and error checking notifies you of any issues. A convenient ‘fix’ button makes it easy to resolve errors.

Proposals can be submitted electronically to Grants.gov or if your institution isn’t using Grants.gov, you can download a complete PDF package for email and/or print.

Award Management

AwardMgmtAfter award notification, easily create an award document. The proposal budget is linked to the Award and auto-populates proposal information which eliminates the need to re-key proposal info and reduces data entry errors.

Built-in Reporting

Choose from a variety of out-of-the-box reports to increase grants administration oversight. 

Reports include:

  • Proposal by Sponsor
  • Proposals by Proposal Type
  • Investigator History
  • Funding Status
  • Pending Proposals
  • Active Awards
  • Awards by PI
  • Awards by Sponsor
  • Awards by Sponsor Type
  • Awards by Award Type
  • Awards by Start Date

Compliance Management

Compliance ScreenshotsEasily manage, track, and report on compliance including Conflict of Interest (COI), Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Key features include:

  • Secure, self-service Financial Entity Reporting
  • Easy event disclosures including travel events
  • Automatic links to Proposal and Award information
  • Transparent communication throughout the Event Review Cycle
  • COI Officer’s tool for Annual Disclosure Management

Tailored Configuration and Training

Powerful business rules and workflows allow for easy software adjustments to meet your specific needs without touching code. rSmart will activate your instance, with unique data, and configure based on your university’s processes. 

Services, Unlimited Support and Free Upgrades

As part of our subscription services, rSmart provides ongoing delivery of your cloud application services, unlimited user support, and free upgrades. 

Dare to Compare: Open Source Cloud-Based vs. Proprietary eRA Solutions

Good-Better-Best-rSmartColorsEvaluating the right eRA solution for your institution doesn’t need to be complicated.

Check out our “Dare to Compare” page to learn the 5 Reasons Why an Open Source, Cloud-Based eRA is the way to go. 

Or, request to schedule a demo to see our software in action!

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