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rSmart Student Information System

Legacy Systems Don’t Cut It Anymore

Students expect next-generation services.

Consider the technology evolution that’s transpired since you first implemented your current Student Information System (SIS). The old model took a cookie-cutter approach to churning students through the system with limited or no flexibility – students were records in a table. Now, however, with predominantly web-based applications across every aspect of life, learners expect the same from their university – easy, online services personalized to their unique academic goals. They move at the speed of light and keeping up is not just a choice; it’s a necessity.

A New Approach for a New Landscape

rSmart Student Information Solutions

rSmart provides deployment, support, and cloud services for Kuali applications, including Kuali Student. We’ve been involved in the Kuali Student project since it’s inception, including development and quality assurance. rSmart understands that today’s universities and colleges require student systems that can improve the student and faculty experience while adapting to a variety of educational pathways like certificates, degrees, and programs. With rSmart and Kuali Student, our customers get reduced total cost of ownership, the ability to implement incrementally, and a modern system that brings student services into the digital age.

rSmart Student Information Solutions include:

  • Curriculum Management: Provides course and program management functionality including the proposal, approval, and management of courses and programs. Available now.
  • Accounts: Supports the pricing, sale and purchase of both internal and external products (e.g. courses and programs) and services (e.g. athletics and library fees). Available now.
  • Academic Planning: Enables advisors and students to create individualized, auditable, four-year undergraduate plans. Coming soon.
  • Enrollment: Enables institutions and learners alike to manage the enrollment lifecycle of learners, once admitted to the institution. Coming soon.
  • Financial Aid: Includes all the processes to manage internal and external awards and loans. In development.
  • Program Audit: Manages the evaluation of learning experiences and the results that are derived from those experiences. In development.
  • Scheduling: Facilitates the optimization of scheduling various resources required to deliver the curriculum. In development.
  • Admission: Matches prospective learners (called prospects or applicants) with learning activities (such as programs or courses) that an institution offers. In development.



Like all rSmart solutions, our Student Information offerings utilize open source software to give you greater flexibility in choosing just the functionality you need. As you grow or need additional capabilities, our experts can add them in a modular way, creating a custom solution tailored to your precise requirements. And, your total cost of ownership dramatically decreases because you’re not tied to one proprietary vendor since the technology is developed through higher ed community  collaboration.

The Undisputed Kuali Champs

Working with rSmart, you know that your solution is deployed and supported by true experts. We are the only affiliate that has single-handedly completed every aspect of a Kuali implementation. This means you’ve partnered with the most skilled, capable team available – hands down.

Get Started Today

For 10 years, rSmart has been providing expert technology solutions for higher education, working with over 100 institutions globally. Let us bring our expertise to you with our Student Information solutions.

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