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At Pitt, the powerful search engine and personalized user experience of OneCampus make it the ideal service discovery application. Students, faculty, and staff are able to find the online services they need faster, while at the same time, discovering new services.

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A comprehensive search solution

The University of Pittsburgh’s portal architecture delivers a seamless login experience to both authenticated and unauthenticated content. However, the portal’s previous search feature only returned results on documents stored within the portal environment, leaving out a broader search of services accessed through the University’s many websites. In addition, users were not able to bookmark or prioritize links to their favorite services. From an administration perspective, the application was also a challenge to update and maintain.

The University needed a more scalable, mobile-friendly service discovery solution that would continue to function as a one-stop location for the services that students, faculty, and staff access most frequently.

After evaluating all available options, the University of Pittsburgh chose OneCampus due to the low cost of ownership, its powerful search, and personalization features, like the ability to favorite tasks.

Instead of a hard cutover to the new system, the University of Pittsburgh chose to integrate the OneCampus search bar into their existing portal. This approach eases the transition for individuals accustomed to visiting the portal and also provides time to upgrade any services that still rely on the previous portal framework.

The result: an enhanced service discovery experience for the University of Pittsburgh community.

Today’s students expect to be able to create their own personalized list of favorites and access them from any device.
Jennifer Decima, University of Pittsburgh

The Pitt experience

During implementation, the Pitt Information Technology team worked with departments across campus to introduce the features of service discovery and increase their presence in the application.

Departments move quickly towards adoption once they understand how service discovery can increase the visibility of their services and information. The ability to assign managers to individual tasks has also been well received and empowers departments to post announcements or disable tasks during maintenance windows—without assistance from central IT.

The utilization of OneCampus at Pitt continues to grow. More than 800 tasks have been added to date and new tasks continue to be added every term.

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