Simple, smart, and streamlined? Yes, yes, and yes!

Widener University needed a campus portal that would make finding resources and services such as; class registration, event updates, and fee payments easier for the students, faculty, and staff. Unfortunately, their obsolete software was actually making everything (much) more difficult. With the surprisingly simple switch to OneCampus, Widener found a fresh, modern solution that people would actually want to use, with reliable service and increased functionality.

Students, Factuly, & Staff
Graduate Programs

Easy to set up. Easier to use.

For eighteen years, Widener University used a legacy solution called Campus Cruiser for their student services online hub. “Everyone had to work around it,” says Chris Smith, Director of Systems Administration. “It was way behind the times—no mobile responsiveness, no search function, no data separation among campuses or roles. No innovation.” The university was working to move forward, but Campus Cruiser was holding them back.

Smith and his team were concerned about the time, cost, and learning curve of implementing a new system, but with the ever-growing list of problems with Campus Cruiser, they needed a new answer—fast.

Impressed by rSmart’s exceptional customer service and quick response time, Smith soon discovered just how powerful OneCampus could be.

From the beginning, the Widener team appreciated the behind-the-scenes simplicity of OneCampus. “It’s all nice, crisp, and clean,” Smith says, “and it makes sense. It only took one training session, and now our team can go in there and set up tasks, global announcements, and connect to Canvas, our Learning Management System (LMS).”


Beyond implementation, OneCampus’ functionality proved to be a huge improvement over Widener’s former software, particularly with the streamlined Google-like search. “Students can find grades and schedules, faculty and staff can find tax forms and events, and it can all be done with one click.” Additionally, with the help of the OneCampus Application Programming Interface (API), Widener University can use this to push data from ServiceNow, a financial system, a reporting system, Canvas, a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), etc. into OneCampus in order to create and maintain tasks (with the goal being to minimize duplicate data entry at their institution).

The improved user experience with OneCampus is expected to increase engagement at the university dramatically, with a goal of over 70% of the campus utilizing the software on a daily basis.

If every project went as well as this one, we’d be thrilled. This is a quality product, with quality service, at a fair price. You can’t find that everywhere.
Chris Smith, Director of Systems Administration, ITS, Widener University

A vast improvement

OneCampus introduces features that brings Widener University to the forefront of campus solution technology—instead of letting them fall behind.


  • Google-like search bar that allows for category modification
  • Easy-to-use application for on-the-go, student-friendly access
  • Data separation, providing different information to different campuses and roles
  • Customizable, centralized “home base,” for a personalized experience for each user
  • Optimal reliability, for less downtime (and less user frustration)
  • Ability to use stats and analytics to track search terms and user engagement
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