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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is rSmart?

rSmart is modernizing campus technology and simplifying campus life. We don’t define success as simply delivering web-based applications to the higher ed market. We’re in this to have a meaningful impact on how college students live and learn and interact and grow, on their journey from high school to grad school and into adulthood.

What is OneCampus?

OneCampus is a lightweight, cloud-based solution, designed to help schools move away from heavy, expensive, locally-managed software. This next-gen portal makes it easier for students and staff to quickly find and access campus services. Search, Click, Done, it’s that easy!

What problems does OneCampus solve?

Tired of searching through dozens of sites to find a specific campus service? OneCampus is designed for students, faculty, staff, admin, alumni, etc. to quickly find and access school services the same way they find everything else: by going online and doing a simple, Google-like keyword search. OneCampus is service discovery simplified.

How is OneCampus priced?

We’re glad you asked! OneCampus is priced based on your FTE. We take great pride in being able to fit into most budgets. Imagine you were to buy a cup of coffee for every student on campus. (Fast food coffee, not Starbucks). That’s the budget range you’re looking at for OneCampus.

How long does it take to implement OneCampus?

You can be up and running with your OneCampus instance in as little as three weeks or as long as it takes given competing priorities and resources within your team. We are always happy to share best practices for implementation and launch that we’ve learned from our 85+ campuses currently using OneCampus. Learn more about our OneCampus Implementation Checklist here.

My school has very specific branding. Is OneCampus able to conform to my design requirements?

Branding is the name of the game. No two OneCampus instances look alike. Each OneCampus instance can be designed to mirror your brand colors and you even have full customization of your header and footer. Take a look at University of Michigan or see how Northern Kentucky University carried their brand colors into their custom task tile images.

Is OneCampus mobile responsive?

OneCampus was designed with a mobile-first mentality. We are focused on modernizing campus technology to help you simplify life on your campus. OneCampus is available on any device to make it easier for students, faculty, admin and staff to quickly find and access campus services wherever they are, whenever they need it.

What other systems connect with OneCampus?

Today OneCampus has built connectors for Canvas, Blackboard, Banner 8, Banner 9, and Desire2Learn (D2L). Our near-term product roadmap includes connectors for Peoplesoft, Workday and more. The rSmart team works closely with our customers to understand their priorities and organizes the product roadmap to help meet their goals. A series of robust API are also available to plug in and feed direct into your OneCampus instance.

What is CampusConfirm?

CampusConfirm is a centralized, digital verification system requiring users to verify outstanding information before they can continue on with an authenticated task. Part of rSmart’s modern campus platform, CampusConfirm is a powerful data verification and compliance system used by higher ed administrators spanning many campus departments.

What problems does CampusConfirm solve?

There is a need to verify a variety of documents across campuses today. Different departments need to verify everything from citizenship, immunization records, military status, tax forms, mailing address and two factor authentication. These verifications are often handled differently across departments. CampusConfirm is a modern solution to antiquated and unreliable methods to gather required compliance info.

How is CampusConfirm priced?

Similar to OneCampus, CampusConfirm is priced based on your FTE. We are proud to offer solutions that fit into most campus budgets. From small community colleges to large state universities, our goal is to provide you with modern technology that doesn’t break the bank.

How long does it take to implement CampusConfirm?

Data compliance is critical so we’re guessing this is already a priority for your IT team. CampusConfirm can be ready to go on your campus in as little as 1-2 months, based on general business processes.

When will CampusClassifieds be available?

CampusClassifieds, an online community marketplace for the authenticated buying and selling of goods and services, is now available! Reach out to us for a demonstration and a quote.



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