3 Steps to a More Effective Student Orientation

July 10, 2018  |  by: Delphina Saragosa
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Let me start by saying that I have never been responsible for organizing or conducting student orientation efforts for a major institution with thousands of incoming students. I have, however, been responsible for teaching and communicating with my own three children (although I would estimate that 90 percent of the information I share likely goes in one ear and out the other).

My kids, ages 22, 21 and 13, are visual learners. If I tell them how to do something, I need to show them how to do it as well. It’s a fair guess that my kids aren’t that different from the average group of incoming college freshmen. It’s also safe to presume that they could probably use a little extra visual help as well. The volume of information they take in during orientation is like drinking from a fire hose!

It’s no surprise that most students will be on their phones during orientation presentations anyway, so why not meet them there! What better way to visually show them about the many resources and services that are available on your campus than through your OneCampus tenant.

Build Out Your Tenant to be THE Orientation Hub

Create Task Centers in order to organize content specific to those students new to your campus. Utilize Pinned Sections to highlight tasks that are critical to their success. Connect your tenant with Canvas or Blackboard and allow a seamless user experience directly within your tenant. Create Global Announcements to communicate important dates and events. Enable the Favorites and Bookmark functionality to further allow for personalization. Enable the Near Me functionality to display tasks based on location(and don’t forget to add the latitudinal and longitudinal location data!) 

Market Your Tenant before Orientation

Before students arrive on campus, let them know where to find your OneCampus tenant. It’s easiest to show up where they already are, you know, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. Brag about your tenant in official school social media channels. Encourage your admissions team to include your URL and some messaging in their outgoing communications. Talk to the student newspaper. You can even grab some chalk and write your URL on the parking lot and sidewalks on and around campus.

Let Your OneCampus Tenant Be Your Orientation Guide

As you begin orientation, let your OneCampus tenant be your guide. Direct students to physically take out their phones and access your tenant to navigate through Orientation. Introduce OneCampus as their gateway to their Canvas or Blackboard courses. Highlight the search functionality by looking for laundry services, parking services, dining services or other critical campus services newcomers will need. Encourage them to leave ratings and reviews on services. Show them how to access task contacts like Student Services or Tech Support if they need additional assistance. Help them understand that accessing campus services as simple as Search, Click, Done!

Follow these three steps and you are sure to see adoption of your OneCampus tenant continue to grow. And once you’re complete, I’m open to any new ideas to get my kids to listen to me!

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