Changing How You Communicate to Students Is Easy, Just Ask Bob

March 5, 2018  |  by: Delphina Saragosa
Customer Success
Higher Ed Tech

In less than one year at Citrus College, Bob Hughes reimagined the digital communication landscape. From website redesign to the launch of, Bob and his team led focus groups to get to the root of what catches, and keeps, student’s attention. Last week we had the pleasure to sit in on Bob’s webinar, where he shared his secrets to success when communicating to students across campus. However, these truly are no secrets but accessible resources every college has that can help to increase awareness.

So what did Bob do differently? He merely engaged students and familiarized himself with trends that they would respond to. (P.S. never underestimate the value of free pizza when asking favors of students.) Bob also addressed the issue of making predictions on campus and why you should never assume. Sharing information about new technology coming to your campus may seem like you’re talking a different language than your students, but it doesn’t have to feel like that.

The iPhone was released more than ten years ago and it is still a millennials best friend.  After a decade of constant connectivity, college students have competing interests for their attention, making it nearly impossible to break through the communication chaos to reach them. While Bob faced some obstacles in the beginning, he was able to overcome them after receiving feedback from the students. We like to think of Bob as a thriving millennial since he is so trendy amongst his students now. Watch out world, Bob is here and bringing IT communication back.

Watch a recording of the webinar: How CIO’s Can Break Through the Communication Chaos to Reach Students in 2018 or just ask Bob.

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