Christmas Came Early: rSmart’s OneCampus December Release

December 19, 2017  |  by: Delphina Saragosa
Release Notes

The next OneCampus release is scheduled for the late evening/overnight on Tuesday, December 19. Following multiple weeks of internal testing combined with beta testing by specific schools in their test instances, no downtime is anticipated with this release.

The December 19, 2017 release contains bug fixes, stability improvements, and the following enhancements:

  • Ability for Administrators to rearrange sections on the main OneCampus page
  • Bulk Editor enhancements
  • Task Center permissions added to Permission Groups module
  • Ability to change the task store count on mobile
  • Ability to rearrange category order
  • Ability to change icon colors for categories
  • Ability to suggest a campus based on location data
  • Task search based on location data (What’s near me?)
  • HTML markup on the logout page
  • Option for double height tiles on tasks that contain active content
  • Favicon images pulled through onto bookmark tiles
  • Bookmarks report
Ability for Administrators to Rearrange Sections On the Main OneCampus Page

Have you ever wished you had more control of the layout order on the front page of your OneCampus instance? Now you can!  rSmart is introducing a new module, “Main Page Layout”. This module resides within the Branding dropdown and allows Administrators to rearrange all of the different OneCampus sections they have enabled within their instance (including Canvas, Pinned sections, Favorites, Highest Rated, Most Popular, etc.). Your front page is now more customizable than ever.

Bulk Editor Enhancements

Need to update more than one task with the same information? Look no further than the bulk editor. We have spruced up this functionality in our latest release so that when using, you will now see a progress screen to let you know the status of the changes that are being made. For example if a Publisher is using the bulk editor to update 20 tasks, the screen now displays the count as it progresses through the update. Cool, right? Next, and almost more importantly, if the bulk editor is not able to make some of the updates, the system now displays individual error messages indicating the reason. No more guessing what went wrong! These error messages will link directly to the task page so necessary updates can be made immediately. Or if you prefer to update later, we have also added a CSV export option that will list the errors so that you can return an update when it’s more convenient for you.

Task Center Permissions Added to Permission Groups Module

You know how you can add various permissions within the permission groups? Before this release, you weren’t able to add ‘Task Center’ as a permission. Oversight on our part, sorry! Now, you are free to assign ‘Task Center’ level permissions to the folks that need to manage (create, edit or delete) these within your instance. Happy assigning!

Ability to Change the Task Store Count on Mobile

By popular demand we have added a new tenant level setting that allows Administrators to specify a different task store count for OneCampus on mobile devices. Currently, you are able to set the store count on the main page but that didn’t allow you to have a different store count on mobile. You spoke and we listened. And acted. Now, the new setting is called “Mobile Store Task Count” and controls the number of tasks per section, that are pushed to the task store when an end user is on a mobile device.

Ability to Rearrange Category Order

Looking for EVEN MORE control of your OneCampus front page? Ask and you shall receive. Now you can change the order of the categories that are displayed within the category list on the main OneCampus page. You can find this new functionality beneath the Filter Settings dropdown within the Categories module. Each category has a display order number so you can drag and drop into the desired order to be displayed on the front side of OneCampus. Happy arranging!

Ability to Change Icon Colors for Categories

Pick a color, any color. You can now change the color of the icons in your category icon lists. Within the New Category and Edit Category screens, there is a field called “Icon Color” that accepts both Hex or standard color formats. Another great way to support your school’s brand.

Ability to Suggest a Campus Based on Location Data

Do you have multiple campuses and want to suggest a campus to a user based on their specific location? You can now add latitude and longitude coordinates on the New Campus and Edit Campus screens. Then, when users visit the site, they can “allow” OneCampus to identify their location and suggest the campus that is nearest to them. This new feature uses a two-mile radius to search based on the user’s location.

Ability to Search for Tasks Based on Location Data (What’s Near Me?)

Using latitude and longitude coordinates similarly to above, you can now enable functionality that allows you to display tasks that are nearest to a user’s location. Within the Advanced settings menu there is a new setting called “Browse by Location”. Once enabled, OneCampus will add a new category to the category dropdown called “Near Me”. Administrators and Publishers also need to include latitude and longitude coordinates when creating or editing tasks. Once properly enabled and configured, end users that click the “Near Me” category will be presented with a Google-like map that includes map pins to all of the tasks that are nearest to their location.

HTML Markup on the Logout Page

Need to communicate more on your logout page but have been limited by the absence of HTML markup? Times have changed.  Administrators can now include HTML markup in their logout text. This is controlled under the Advanced Settings menu, beneath the Application heading and Logout Text section. The text indicated in this area is  what end users see on the logout page when they end their session. <b>Good news for sure.<b>

Option for Double Height Tiles on Tasks that Contain Active Content

Are you currently using or considering using JSON feeds within a task? You can now have MORE text in this feed by doubling the size of your task tile. You can find this within New Task Definition and Edit Task Definition pages. There is a new drop down field in the Active Content section that allows you to choose whether you’d like to use a standard height or double height task tile to display your active content.

Favicon Images Pulled Through onto Bookmark Tiles

In the last OneCampus release, we introduced bookmarks. Now, when a user creates a bookmark, OneCampus can pull in the favicon from the bookmarked website and display it within the bookmark tile. Please remember that the bookmark functionality needs to be enabled within your tenant before end users are able to create bookmarks. Also, if a bookmarked website doesn’t have a favicon preset, a general bookmarked favicon is used as a default.

Bookmarks Report

We all value meaningful reports from which we can take action. The introduction of a report for bookmarks now allows you to track the number of times your users bookmark specific websites. When reviewing this report, you could consider creating tasks for frequently visited websites. This report is available as a CSV download too.

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