First Look: Campus Classifieds

August 27, 2018  |  by: Delphina Saragosa

We’re very excited (and pretty proud) to introduce CampusClassifieds, our secure online community marketplace for a single campus or a multiple-campus system. Part of rSmart’s modern campus platform, CampusClassifieds is the third in our trio of innovative products, joining OneCampus, our next-generation portal, and CampusConfirm, our digital verification system.

Similar to Craigslist but for your authorized users only, CampusClassifieds is mobile friendly, search-based, intuitive and customizable. Now your students, faculty and staff can buy and sell non-commercial goods and services – from books, electronics and furniture to tutoring, sublets and vehicles – in a safe environment.

CampusClassifieds is standalone system that’s designed to be simple and straightforward to use and to administrate. And you can conveniently link to it from your OneCampus portal.

For the User

Whether you’re buying or selling, CampusClassifieds enables you to:

  • Post your ad with a category, title, description, image, price, contact info
  • Share, view, edit and remove your ads
  • Create and view your watchlist
  • Sort ads by your immediate area or multiple campuses
  • Meet in person with interested parties to conduct business

For the Administrator

Backend functionality for CampusClassifieds includes moderation, settings and configuration. As an administrator, you can:

  • Build out ad categories, ad types and formats, activity partners, announcements
  • Add legal disclaimer, such as one prohibiting commercial use
  • Deactivate inappropriate content, restrict or block users, re-index ads
  • Manage general settings (similar to OneCampus), including ad limit per user, ad retention days, enable email, error messages
  • Make it your own with school branding, logo, images, API accounts

Take a Closer Look

CampusClassifieds is coming soon to a campus near you. Want a sneak peek? View demo now!


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