Get Your Sunscreen Ready, Our Summer Release Is Super Hot

June 13, 2018  |  by: Delphina Saragosa
Release Notes

The next OneCampus release is planned for the early morning on Thursday, June 21, 2018. No downtime is anticipated. 

This release will contain bug fixes, accessibility improvements and the following key enhancements:

  • Rave Connector
  • Task History Report
  • Headings within Pinned Sections
  • Option to make a Pinned Section visible only after login
  • Announcement Copy
  • Alternate URL for the Simple Main Page
Rave Connector

We are happy to announce that with this release the connector between OneCampus and the Rave Mobile Safety Service is available! This connector will consist of two main features. First, the ability to automate the configuration of emergency messages (Common Alerting Protocol or CAP) with OneCampus alerts.

Second, the ability to automate the integration of Rave messaging (Rich Site Summary or RSS) with OneCampus targeted notifications. CAP alerts need to be published using a Web Service to ensure instant delivery to users. If the scope element is set with a Public value, the connector will create an alert. If the scope element is set with a Private value, along with addresses, then the connector will create users’ specific targeted notifications. This connector will be located within the Administration menu of the Connectors module. A special thanks to Citrus college for partnering with us on this important connector!

Task History Report

Tracking changes that were made to tasks can be a drag. The audit report is helpful but combing through it to see modifications that were made on a specific task can be tedious. Say hello to the new Task History Report! OneCampus Administrators will now be able to quickly view all of the changes that have been made to any specific task during its life cycle. The Task History Report resides within the Reporting module and is super easy to use. Simply select a task from the drop down and OneCampus will display all of the history details including the date each change was made, the user who submitted the change, the name of the approver, and a summary of the changes. Hooray for easy!

Headings within Pinned Sections

Have you ever wanted to create a Pinned Section that was separated into different chunks of tasks? For example a Pinned Section called “New Student Orientation” that was broken into groups of tasks called “Required” and “Helpful Resources”? Now OneCampus Administrators can add headers within Pinned sections in order to visually separate content. The field to add headers will be located near the Display Order (drag & drop area) when adding or editing a Pinned section.  We will be adding this functionality to Task Centers in a future release.

Option to make a Pinned Section visible only after login

Do you have a Pinned Section in your OneCampus tenant that you would rather display to your end users after they log in?  OneCampus Administrators will now be able to designate whether a Pinned Section should be visible only after users authenticate. When creating or editing a Pinned Section, there will now be a simple checkbox to specify that the Pinned Section should only be visible after login. Problem solved!

Announcement Copy

Similar to the way the copy task functionality works, OneCampus Administrators and Publishers will now be able to copy announcements. For example, this will come in handy when you want to post the same task level announcement to multiple tasks that belong to different Publishers. You will be able to create an exact copy of the announcement and then switch out important details like the Publisher and the tasks it will apply to. The copy button will reside within the announcements module in line with each announcement. This functionality will exist for both task level announcements as well as global announcements.

Alternate URL for the Simple Main Page

Earlier this year we introduced the Simple Main Page setting within OneCampus. This functionality was developed as a way to drive end users to interact more with the OneCampus search bar. Since that time, we have received feedback from Administrators that they would like to be able to expose some of their end users to the Simple Main Page upon visiting the site but have other users go directly to the main OneCampus page. To that end, we have added the ability to include /min or /simple to the end of your OneCampus URL as a way to expose the Simple Main Page version of your home page. The Simple Main Page functionality does not need to be enabled within your tenant in order for these alternate URL’s to work.

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