Modernizing Our Campus Portal Platform: Why We Switched to OneCampus

June 26, 2018  |  by: Delphina Saragosa
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Can your students find what they need on your aging, dare we say archaic, campus portal? Is your school still struggling with the expense and inefficiencies of your legacy system (including Luminis by Ellucian)? Then it’s time to take a look at something different.

A centralized, next-generation solution that delivers the modern experience your users expect. A platform that’s mobile friendly, search based and totally customizable. One that’s easy to use, quick to implement and pretty darn affordable. Now do we have your attention?

Today, more than 85 campuses across the US and Canada are using OneCampus: Fairfield University, Northeast Iowa Community College, Oberlin College, St. Edward’s University, University of Delaware, University of Notre Dame and University of Pittsburgh, to name a few.

In fact, our customers can’t stop talking about the satisfying and successful portal experience they get with OneCampus. (And why they made the switch.)

Autonomy at Fairfield

Fairfield University had ongoing issues with the functionality, feature set and cost efficiency of their legacy campus portal. Simply put, they wanted more. “Previously, with our old portal, if a department wanted to post content, they had to come to us,” explained Help Desk Manager Jason Victor. The results? Today, OneCampus allows content creators to manage their own content. Both ITS and the departments save time, energy and money with this distributed publishing model. And the departments have a welcome sense of autonomy.

New Student Experience in Northeast Iowa

Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) knew they needed a new campus portal solution to improve the student experience. After conducting a comprehensive portal review and replace process (that included input from multiple departments), NICC selected OneCampus for its ease of use (for both users and administrators), adaptability, and best-in-class customer support. The college began implementation in late January 2017 and went live May 15, 2017. “rSmart was with us every step of the way,” revealed Craig Meirick, director of Computer Information Systems. “The implementation of OneCampus itself was very simple and intuitive.”

No More Headaches at Oberlin

For students at Oberlin College, accessing campus services before the new OberView portal was a headache. That’s because their current portal required them to find and use link after link (ad nauseum) to reach the content they needed. In December 2017, Oberlin partnered with rSmart to deliver a branded OneCampus portal platform to help students discover campus services. The portal went live just a few months later in March, and when students returned from spring break, they loved the new look and feel. Take a look at the before-and-after screenshots of the campus portal. A-MAZING!

Search is King at St. Edward’s

St. Edward’s University was living in the past with an outdated campus portal that wasn’t searchable or mobile-friendly. Not surprisingly, that affected student use. And because of its technical complexity, the IT staff had to maintain ALL of the content. According to product owner Nicole Hill, the OneCampus UI is intuitive and eminently searchable. “Students loved the interface,” she reported. “They just understood OneCampus without much instruction or guidance. Build a search bar, and they will come.”

Streamlining Services in Delaware

To take care of business, University of Delaware students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff had to hunt for specific forms among hundreds buried in various web applications. Once the university implemented a streamlined approach with OneCampus in 2015, users could quickly discover campus services, find applications and access resources in a simple, intuitive way. Now, all business applications and forms are indexed and searchable in one centralized location. So, activities like changing course sections, locating a tutor, or contacting facilities are quick and easy to accomplish.

Mobile Matters at Notre Dame

Back in 2015, the legacy portal solution at University of Notre Dame not only failed to meet their needs and but required significant management and upgrades. So, Notre Dame began its quest for a new portal platform that was simple to use and mobile-friendly. After evaluating three potential solutions, the university selected OneCampus. “In our initial proof of concept, we learned how easy it is to publish tasks, configure the look and feel, and how we might set up categories, metadata, screenshots and the task icon creation process,” said Manager Scott Kirner, Application Services.

Personalization at Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh was looking for a one-stop shop – a centralized, more scalable and mobile-friendly service discovery solution for the content that students, faculty, and staff access most frequently. After evaluating all available options, the university chose OneCampus for its powerful search capabilities, customization and personalization features and low cost of ownership. Bottom line: an enhanced portal experience for the entire campus community – students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Today, you have a choice when selecting your campus portal solution. The future is yours (and your users) by switching from your outdated legacy portal to the next-gen OneCampus platform. You’ll be in good company!


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