OneCampus Product Update 6/5/17

June 5, 2017  |  by: Delphina Saragosa

Overnight, on June 5, rSmart will deploy the latest OneCampus release.  No downtime is anticipated.

The release contains bug fixes as well as the following key enhancements:

  • Page Not Found Report
  • Campus communications standards policy link
  • Social media links on the Task Details Page
  • Memo area when creating or editing a task
  • Favorite Collections
  • Auto suggest of Unique Key
  • Global Announcement recurrence
  • Ratings enabled, Reviews optional
  • Alert Access Added to Permission Groups

Also please make note, as of this release OneCampus will no longer be tested on Windows Mobile OS devices (Windows 10 and 8.1 still supported, of course).

Page Not Found report and corresponding Page Not Found Map

OneCampus Administrators will be able to use this report to identify bad URLs that are resulting in a “404: Page Not Found” page for end users. For example, after a school has cut over from their old portal to their new OneCampus instance, users might have a lot of old bookmarked URLs that will no longer be valid. This report will help you identify those URLs in real time, then, using the “Page Not Found Map” setting (located under Advanced Settings>Maintain Settings>Page Found Map) you can redirect bad URLs to updated, correct URLs. Data in the Page Not Found Report will only be available for the preceding 30 days. In addition to this new report and functionality, administrators will also be able to customize the text on the Page Not Found screen by visiting Advanced Settings>Maintain Settings>Page Not Found Text and replace the default message with your own personalized message.

Campus communications standards policy link

We are excited about this new functionality that allows Administrators the option to add a link to their campus usage policy or communications standards that will show up in the comment pop up window. The URL can be added by clicking Advanced Settings>Maintain Settings>Comment Policy URL.

university portal software

Social media links on the Task Details Page

Ever wish you could link the Twitter feed of a department, organization or club onto the task details page for a particular task? With this release Administrators and Publishers will be able to add links to all of the most relevant social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram) that are specific to that Task.

university portal software

Memo area when creating or editing a task

By popular request, we are adding the ability to post internal comments to a task in a new memo section located on the New Task Definition and Edit Task Definition pages. Notes entered into this section will not be displayed on the task details page, rather, these notes will only be visible on the publishing side. Content in the memo section will also be included in task exports.

Favorite Collections

Also in this release, users will be able to edit their favorites section and drag and drop them into collections (for example, a user might choose to arrange all of their favorite tasks relating to financial aid and scholarships into one collection). They can then name the collection whatever they want. The collections will only be visible to the individual user who creates them.


Auto Complete of the Unique Key on tasks

Administrators and publishers that have the ability to post tasks will appreciate this new functionality that assists in creating a unique key at the time of task creation. There will now be a button on the new task definition page that will create the unique key based on the title of the task.

Global Announcement recurrence

Administrators and users that have global announcement permissions enabled will now be able to set up global announcements to recur daily. From the New Announcement page, there will be a radio button that will allow you to pick “Recur daily” along with fields to select a begin time and an end time for the daily recurrence.

Ratings enabled, Reviews optional

Rounding out the options available within the rating and reviews setting, administrators can now elect to have Ratings (stars) enabled and Reviews (comments) optional.

Alert Access Added to Permission Groups

Administrators will now have the ability to grant users ACL level access to view and post Alerts within OneCampus. The new functionality will be available within the Permission Groups module and once a user has been set up they will have access to the Alerts module within the Publishing menu.