Replacing Your Luminis Campus Portal Software? Get Smarter with OneCampus

May 8, 2018  |  by: Delphina Saragosa
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Today’s students have grown up with Google, #hashtags, and selfies. iPhone and Androids are part of everyday life. Student’s don’t go anywhere, except maybe swimming, without their smartphones. When they need to find something, they Google it. It’s simple, right?!

At rSmart, our focus is to deliver modern campus technology that helps you simplify campus life. OneCampus, rSmart’s campus portal software, provides your students, administrators, faculty, parents and other groups with the ability to search and discover campus services, within a simple search experience. With the next-gen portal solution OneCampus, rSmart helps to bring all of your campus services to one location for quicker and more efficient discovery. From class schedules to laundry services and from financial aid to parking tickets, users can discover and access all of the campus services they need.

Searching for new campus portal software

Recently, rSmart has heard from many schools that are considering OneCampus as a replacement portal solution to their current school portal software, Luminis, by Ellucian. At rSmart, we understand that you have choices when selecting and implementing a campus portal. We applaud Luminis, and other campus portal software providers, in their ability to deliver competitive school portal software that challenges the entire online school portal industry to stretch to exceed your needs.

Today, OneCampus is used on more than 80 campuses across the US and Canada, including Notre Dame, Ohio State, Maryland, Purdue, and Virginia Tech to name a few. While many schools have selected OneCampus, we understand that there are schools that are currently struggling with Luminis and are in search of a replacement solution.

From a competitive perspective, the Luminis portal offers solid features, however, we think you’re here today to learn more about how OneCampus is in fact the premier solution. Let’s take a quick look.

Advantages of OneCampus

In addition to providing quick and simple access to campus services through a ‘Google-esque  search’, OneCampus also:

  • Issues notifications. You can set alerts, global announcements or even tailor your message for targeted announcements.
  • Offers single-sign on. Multiple user names and passwords can be roadblocks to accessing what you need, when you need it.  Accessing campus services on OneCampus can be done without a login, however, getting access to specific alerts and announcements will require a user to provide credentials which can be done through single-sign on.
  • Can launch via an app. Your students, administrators, faculty, parents and other user groups can launch your version of OneCampus just like any other app on their smartphone. They can also receive push notifications through this channel too.
  • Provides detailed reporting. See what your users are searching for, what tasks they visit most often and much more! Also, get insights into what terms they are searching for that aren’t showing up at all. This can spark ideas into new tasks to create.
  • Offers connectors. If you use Banner or Canvas, you can directly import data and automate task creation, enhancing your speed to launch. What connectors are we planning to release next? Blackboard and Peoplesoft are on our roadmap.
  • Extends robust APIs. Powerful APIs are available to help you quickly and easily connect with third-party applications.
  • Allows for Ratings and Reviews. You can elect to allow your users to give you feedback on the services you offer through both a ratings and/or a review system. Users can rate the service, or task, on a scale of five stars, allowing other users to see how helpful that item is. With reviews, users can offer feedback, similar to Yelp. Each of these provide valuable insights into how users are engaging and what services they like over others.

A digital concierge service

To support students as well as faculty and staff, Oral Roberts University’s IT department transformed its help desk into a “concierge” style of service to make its services more visible and accessible.

Before OneCampus, Oral Roberts University was challenged to make their education programs easily accessible to students on campus and around the world. Additionally, they weren’t equipped to provide information and resources to students, faculty and staff 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

In June 2015, Oral Roberts University rolled out OneCampus as its “digital concierge” platform,fulfilling their need for an online school portal solution. “OneCampus is the perfect complement to our in-person IT Concierge Service. Because the OneCampus is accessible all the time, we’re able to make sure students needs are met 24/7/365, even when the IT Concierge Service desk is closed,” said Michael Mathews, Chief Information Officer at Oral Roberts University.

One-stop shop

Where can a student, staff member, faculty member or parent go to do business? At the University of Delaware the answer was found by implementing a single solution in which all business applications and forms are indexed and searchable in one location: My UD – the University of Delaware branded instance of OneCampus by rSmart.

The OneCampus school software portal was implemented at the University of Delaware in August 2015, and has since allowed users to quickly find and discover campus services, applications and resources in a simple, intuitive way. When students need to book a room for an activity or professors need to renew a book at the library, they can visit My UD and call up what they need instantly without needing to know the name of the form or which department manages it.

“People can search using their role, a specific category or even a keyword,” says Joy Lynam, Director of IT Web Development with the University of Delaware. “OneCampus works the way people work, and it works on any device, anytime, anywhere.

OneCampus, in our instance, ‘My UD’, takes away the burden of going to different websites and simply makes locating forms and web applications easy.”

One month after going live, My UD had over 51,000 unique visitors. In two years since the launch, more than 535,300 unique individuals have visited My UD.

The OneCampus experience

The rSmart promise is to modernize campus technology and simplify campus life. We do this by helping students, administrators, faculty and parents find what they need when they need it. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

At rSmart, customer service isn’t just something we say. It is who we are. We are a customer service company that just so happens to offer best-in-class next-gen campus solutions. OneCampus users are encouraged to regularly provide feedback on performance, suggested enhancements and whatever else may be on their mind. Since launching OneCampus in 2014, more than 50 percent of OneCampus feature enhancements have been direct recommendations from our current customers.

We also understand technology platforms can stretch even the largest university budget. You won’t find that with rSmart. We build smart solutions at affordable prices. Simplifying campus life shouldn’t break the bank.

If you’re ready for a deeper dive into rSmart’s campus portal software, we recommend the OneCampus Experience, a demo of our next-gen portal solution. Click here and register today to help your campus get (r)Smarter.

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