Spring Into Action with the OneCampus May Release

April 18, 2018  |  by: Delphina Saragosa
Release Notes

The next OneCampus release is planned for the late evening/overnight on Tuesday, May 1, 2018. No downtime is anticipated. (PLEASE NOTE: During our three weeks of internal testing, a few items rose to the surface that aren’t the experiences we feel you deserve so we have made the decision to postpone the release from April 24 to May 1.)

This release will contain bug fixes and the following key enhancements:

  • UI theming
  • The ability to create objects in-line with task creation
  • The ability to restrict connector access to certain ACL’s
  • Improved connector error messages and connector errors log
  • Active dates for Pinned Sections
  • Active content for Task Centers
  • Browser Push Notifications for Alerts and Global Announcements
  • Browser Push Notifications Report
  • Global Announcements indicator badge
  • Filter Task & Task Center Activity Reports based on Publisher permissions
  • Users Report
UI Theming

Does your OneCampus tenant need a refresh? Beginning with this release, OneCampus Administrators can update the look of their User Interface by choosing the new “Elemental” theme. From the Visual Styles module, there will be a new drop down option listing the Classic theme (that we have all come to recognize) along with the new Elemental theme. Once selected, Elemental will add a sleek look to your main page Header and Footer, in addition to updated task tiles and filtering options. Want to see how the new theme will look with your current Header/Footer/CSS before you commit? We have also added a new “Preview” button to the bottom of the Visual Styles page. Simply select Elemental from the theme drop down, click the Preview button at the bottom of the page and then navigate to the main page to see how it looks. If you are currently using custom CSS within your OneCampus tenant you definitely should test/preview the new theme first to make sure there are not conflicts (one more time, please try not to change any CSS that affects the tile area.) . Also, please note, if you currently have the Search Categories Enabled tenant setting turned on in your tenant, it will not show up within the new Elemental theme.

The ability to create objects in-line with task creation

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of creating a new task and realize that the contact you want to include on the task doesn’t exist in the system or the tags that would be perfect for this task aren’t yet create in the tag selector. In the past this meant having to save the task as a draft and then go back to edit that content. No more! Now, OneCampus Administrators will be able to create objects such as contacts, publishers, categories, roles, tags etc in-line with task creation. A small plus sign icon will be visible next to the fields that are enabled with this functionality. Here’s how it works: while creating a task, if an Administrator realizes that they need to create a new contact for the task they can click the plus sign next to the contacts field. They will be taken to the contacts module where they will be able to add the new contact. Once they click the Save button, they will be redirected back to the task creation form to continue their work. Think of the time that will be saved!

The Ability to restrict Connector access to certain ACL’s

So you want to try out the Canvas or Blackboard Connector, but you only want certain people to be able to see it while you’re testing it? We have a solution for that! Now, within the configurations page for the Canvas or Blackboard Connectors, Administrators will be able to add ACL expressions to restrict the Connectors to specific users. This means that only those identified users will see the Connector authorization modal windows as well as see their courses pull through onto the OneCampus main page. When you’re ready to roll the Connector out to everyone, just delete the ACL’s within the configurations page. Leaving the ACLs empty will allow everyone access to the Connector.

Improved Connector error messages and Connector errors log

Have any idea what an invalid token error is? Likely neither do your end users. In this release we have improved the messages that are passed through from the Canvas and Blackboard Connectors when an error occurs. Instead of end users seeing a long string of geeky text, they will now see a simple message containing a reference number. The message will indicate that an error has occurred and suggest that they contact their System Administrator. Additionally, we have added a Connectors Error Log beneath the Reporting module so that Administrators can see the exact error messages along with the reference number and date.

Active dates for Pinned Sections

Starting with this release, OneCampus Administrators will be able to specify begin and end date ranges for Pinned Sections. This would be useful, for example, if you wanted to display tasks and task centers in a Pinned Section called Year-End-To-Do-List that was only visible for the month of May. Or, another example, you could create a Pinned Section that highlights tasks and task centers relating to summer activities and set the active dates for June through July. Put your thinking cap on. There are lots of possibilities for this functionality!

Active content for Task Centers

We felt bad for leaving task centers out of the active content party. So, beginning with this release, active content can now be applied to task centers to display things like hours of operation, a news feed, weather, etc. Similar to the active content that can be applied to tasks, this new functionality will display the active content on the task center tile as well as the task center details page and it works for both secure and unsecured active content. In addition, you can choose normal height tiles (five pages, up to six lines of content per page, one line at a time) or double height tiles (five pages, up to six lines of content per page, one page at a time).

Browser Push Notifications for Alerts and Global Announcements
Brace yourself, Push Notifications are coming! In this release, OneCampus Administrators and Publishers that have been granted Global Announcement or Alert Permissions will now be able to send browser push notifications to their end users. Before this functionality will work, an Administrator will need to turn on the tenant setting “Browser Push Notifications Enabled”. Then, when creating or editing a global announcement or alert, there will be a new checkbox that allows the sender to deliver a push notification to end users upon saving. End users, who have allowed notifications, will then receive the push notifications within their browser. These notifications will work on Chrome and Firefox, however, due to limitations with iOS, they do not work on any iOS devices. Channeling Oprah for a moment, You get a notification! You get a notification! Everybody gets a notification!

Browser Push Notifications Report

Now that you’ve enabled push notifications for Global Announcements and Alerts, how about a report that gives you some delivery data? Beneath the Reporting module there will now be a downloadable Browser Notifications report that provides the number of notification deliveries, the number of opens and the number of fails for each push notification that was sent. This report will be visible to Administrators and Publishers that have been granted permissions to the reports module.

Global Announcements Indicator badge

Ring that bell! In this release, the Global Announcements bell that resides next to the Sign in drop down will have a new indicator badge when global announcements are present. Once an end user dismisses their Global Announcements the indicator badge will go away. This functionality will only be visible to customers that have Global Announcements enabled within their tenant settings.

Filter Task & Task Center activity reports based on Publisher permissions

Wouldn’t it be great if Publishers only saw their own task and task center data reflected in the task and task center activity reports? We think so too! Coming in this release, OneCampus Publishers, who also have permissions to the reports module, will only see report data that relates to their tasks and task centers.

Users Report

We are always continuing to grow our list of available reports. And now, we’d like to announce the addition of the Users Report. Residing within the Reporting module, this new downloadable report is available to OneCampus Administrators only. Contained in the report is useful data about your end users such as date of last login, number of logins, number of favorites and various preference options. In addition, for our customers who are using either the Canvas or Blackboard Connectors, we have added two columns to assist with deauthorizing the connectors for individual users. This may be helpful in circumstances where a user is having difficulties authorizing the connector or is receiving an error message from the connector. You can simply locate the user in the report, click the link to deauthorize the connector for that specific user and they will receive the OAuth modal window to reauthorize the connector the next time they login.  Please note, this report has to sift through a lot of data, so be patient!

(If you’ve read this far, please email jmartinez@rsmart.com before 5 p.m. EST on April 24 with the subject, ‘Release Notes’, and be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card for being such a committed customer).


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