Release Notes: OneCampus Summer 2019

July 25, 2019  |  by: Paige Kummer
Release Notes

This release will contain bug fixes, accessibility improvements, and the following key enhancements: 

  • Ellucian Banner 9 Connector
  • Admin Header/Footer Page Improvement
  • Publishing Page Improvement
  • Out-of-Range Dates Disabled on Reports
  • Perform Full Site Search by Market or Campus
  • Ability for End Users to Rearrange Sections in Classic Theme
  • Email Review Notifications Enhancement
  • Checklist on a Task
  • Tenant Setting for Task Content Management Usage
  • Filtering Alerts by Campus/Role
  • Several bug fixes
  • Mobile App Improvements

We encourage all OneCampus Administrators and Publishers to submit your ideas for product enhancements and connectors. Special thanks to the following schools for submitting requests in this OneCampus release: 

Fairfield University, Northeast Iowa Community College, St. Edward’s University, University of Delaware, University of Michigan, University of Missouri, University of New Hampshire, University of Pittsburgh, Villanova University, Widener University, Raritan Valley Community College 

Ellucian Banner 9 Connector

The Ellucian Banner 9 connector is now available with this release. Customers who also use the Banner 9 Student APIs will now be able to use the connector to seamlessly retrieve student courses from Banner and display them on the front page. 

Where can you find the Ellucian Banner 9 Connector? Administrators can find this new functionality under Advanced Settings. However, the connector needs to be enabled by an rSmart administrator before it can be configured. 

How can you get started with the Ellucian Banner 9 Connector? Submit a support ticket via to request assistance with this connector  

Have a moment to spare? We are looking for feedback and help with additional API endpoints to keep the Ellucian Banner 9 Connector growing! Submit a support ticket via to send us your thoughts. 


Admin Header/Footer Page Improvement

The CSS and Header/Footer for multiple markets is now visible at-a-glance in the “Branding” module and includes an indication of the campuses where custom CSS exists.   

Where is the CSS and Header/Footer for multiple markets? This is a new visibility feature in the standard “Branding” Module. To edit custom CSS, navigate to “Advanced,” and then select the “Campus” module.

Publishing Page Improvement

Switch from publishing to the main page more easily when the application logo and name have already been disabled. To return to your main page, click the home button in the upper left corner. 

Out-of-Range Dates Disabled on Reports

All reports have a set range of dates that they are available. Any dates within that pre-determined range can now be selected for the preferred report. 

Perform Full Site Search by Market or Campus

Administrators can provide a different search URL for each market to perform a full-site search for “search bar empty terms by the user.” This feature is found in the Advanced module under Campus. 

Ability for End Users to Rearrange Sections in Classic Theme

This feature was added in the last release for the Elemental Theme.  Now, by popular demand, it is available in the Classic Theme. Users now can have the ability to rearrange the main page from the preferences dropdown. Students are looking for more control on how data is presented to them. After all, our goal is to simplify campus life and the ease in which users search.  

Email Review Notifications Enhancement

This enhancement includes an additional tenant setting that allows a specified list of administrators to receive all review emails for every publisher. This feature is found in the advanced module under settings.

Checklist on a Task Feature

Publishers can create a checklist that will show up on the Task Detail Page (TDP) just below “Contacts.” Users can check off items when completed. 

Tenant Setting for Task Content Management Usage

Based on the Advanced Settings module, administrators can now apply roles and campus filters in Alerts.



Mobile App Updates
  • Added official support to 64-bit devices (Android) 
  • Added a new preference to choose the number of tiles on the front page
  • Added a new icon/page for Alerts
  • Added Categories filter
  • Added Markets/Campuses filter
  • Added Roles filter
  • Critical bug fixes
  • UI Changes
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