This OneCampus Winter Release is Snow Joke

December 12, 2018  |  by: Delphina Saragosa
Release Notes

This release will contain bug fixes, accessibility improvements, and the following key enhancements:

  • RSS Connector
  • Regroup Connector
  • D2L Connector
  • Tenant level setting to disable the Users Report
  • Role and Campus filters incorporated into an advanced filters link when creating or editing an announcement
  • New content management task type
  • The “Search Results Empty Label” tenant setting now accepts html
  • Added a new tenant setting called “Perform Full Site Search” that asks for a URL
RSS Connector

Looking for more connectors to enhance your students experience on campus? In this release, we have not one, but three new connectors readily available to configure in the Advanced module. With that being said, the RSS feature will be found within the Connectors module. Enter a few RSS feed URL’s into the field and Save. Wait 10 minutes and you should see those feeds appear in the targeted notifications area (envelope on the main page.

Regroup Connector

In addition to the new RSS features, OneCampus will also be  supporting the Regroup Mass Notification service. This connector works much the same way as our popular Rave connector and consists of the ability to automate the configuration of RSS (Rich Site Summary), CAP Alerts (Common Alerting Protocol) and Private messages from Regroup and post them in OneCampus. OneCampus Administrators will find the configuration page for this connector located within the Connectors module.

D2L Connector

Last but not least… the third connector we have added to the list, is the D2L connector. With this release, D2L customers will be able to connect their D2L instance to their OneCampus instance in just minutes! Once the connection has been configured by an Administrator, end users will authorize the connection to see their D2L courses as task tiles on the Front Store page of OneCampus.


Tenant Level setting to disable the Users Report

This is a new rSmart tenant level setting (checkbox) that will disable the Users Report for you. When the box is checked the Users Report will not show up at all in a customers tenant. When the box is unchecked the report will still be visible. 

*Please contact if you would like this setting turned off and our team will do this for you.


Role and Campus Filters incorporated Into an Advanced filters link when creating or editing an Announcement

Since we prides ourselves on simplifying campus life, we wanted to give back to the people who make all the magic happen, the Admins of OneCampus. Simplifying the announcement page for admins was implemented to ease the confusion and provides the ability to save more time when you are in production mode.

P.S.  The filters are only shown when “advanced” link is clicked. 

New Content Task Type

For all our content loving peeps…this one is for you. As a first step on the way to having a content management task type, we are providing you with a “new content task type”. This functionality can be found when creating a task, and instead of launching a link, it will bring up a page of content (the description field is WYSIWYG). And in case you’re asking yourself this question right now, yes, it is fully searchable within OneCampus. #welove2search

The "Search Results Empty Label" Advanced module setting Now Accepts HTML

In the Advanced settings module, the “Search Results Empty Label” allows for more flexibility in the message you show if a user’s search returns no results.

New Advanced Module Setting called "Perform Full Site Search"

Search just got better. As another search functionality, in the Advanced module, look for “Perform Full Site Search”, and when you enter your domain name in the field, the user will see the option to do a full google site search instead of just OneCampus.


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