To Build or Buy Your Next Campus Portal Software?

September 26, 2017  |  by: Delphina Saragosa
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You are in Higher Education looking to replace your outdated campus portal software; OR

You are in Higher Education looking to create a one-stop solution for your students, admin and faculty to locate and discover campus services; AND/OR

You are interested in the Build vs. Buy discussion and want to know more about it.

What is the Build vs. Buy consideration?

All Universities face this question when evaluating new technologies.

  1. When a University has established the need for a campus-wide solution to connect all user services in one location and believes they have the team and the dollars to build it.
  2. When a University has established the need for a campus-wide solution to connect all user services in one location and understands that the scope of work and the financial investment exceeds their available resources.

To Build Campus Portal Software

To go with a “Build” solution and develop your own homegrown school portal software you would need a reeeeaaaally long runway.
Oftentimes, a software-as-a-service (Saas) model sells software and charges a fee for an annual license. In reality, the cost of operating your own built platform significantly exceeds the cost of an annual SaaS license.

For example, Indiana University, the initial developers of OneCampus, estimate that it took nearly $500,000, just for initial development! With continued investments and refinements in the solution over a ten-year period, the total cost of ownership would total $5,000,000!

To Buy Campus Portal Software

To go with a “Buy” solution is to identify that there is value in economies of scale. Today more than 80 colleges and university campuses in the United States and Canada use OneCampus by rSmart to bring services to their students. From Ohio State University to the University of Hawaii and from the University of Delaware to Northeast Iowa Community College, the scale of institutions relying on OneCampus today affirms the value of the solution.

Beyond the $5 million, ten-year investment in the “Build” scenario, buying allows access to a total solution vs. building piece by piece. Creating a multi-tenancy solution is not an easy task for a campus IT department to wrestle. The OneCampus standard is a multi-tenant solution.

Who uses the rSmart campus portal software and what are they saying?

University of Hawaii Systems
We recognized the need to retire our legacy portal and looked for alternative solutions that would meet the dynamic and changing needs of our community colleges and universities. OneCampus will provide our users a simple, intuitive, and mobile friendly way to navigate the services and applications they need to be successful on any UH campus.”

University of Pittsburgh
“After completing the Internet2 NET+ service validation process, we recognized that OneCampus provided Pitt with a powerful alternative to our traditional legacy portal that will better serve our user needs going forward.”

I’m ready to learn more about OneCampus. What should I do?

Let us know! If you’re ready to learn more about rSmart’s campus portal software that doesn’t break the bank, we recommend the OneCampus Experience, a demo of our next-gen portal solution. Click here and register today.

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