What Happens When Higher Ed IT Leaders Meet In Scottsdale?

February 22, 2018  |  by: Delphina Saragosa
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Each year, OneCampus administrators from across the country are invited to Scottsdale, Arizona for the annual rSmart Users Conference. Last week, 25 representatives from 15 colleges attended the 2018 rSmart Users Conference to learn how each school uses OneCampus, the next-generation portal (or service discovery tool as we learned some schools prefer to call it).

And The Award Goes To…

At the conclusion of each Users Conference, rSmart celebrates partner schools that have demonstrated leadership using OneCampus in the prior 12-month period.

The 2018 Modernizing Campus Technology Award was presented to Nicole Hill of St. Edward’s
University. In 2017, Nicole demonstrated an ongoing commitment to sharing product feature ideas with therSmart team that directly benefited the OneCampus community at large. For more than two years, Nicole has been an ambassador for their OneCampus instance, MyHilltop, across the St. Edward’s University campus, leading to increased adoption across all users.

The 2018 Simplifying Campus Life Award was presented to Bob Hughes of Citrus College. Last year, Bob led the charge to purchase and launch OneCampus in only five months. During development, Bob and his team led focus groups to gain intel direct from students in order to develop My.CitrusCollege, to meet their needs. Bob also took a proactive approach in promoting My.CitrusCollege across campus-owned social media channels, building enthusiasm and creating momentum prior to launch.

Who Said What?

In one-and-a-half days together, users conference attendees learned a variety of best practices, including but not limited to how schools leverage cross-campus stakeholders, the benefits of distributed publishing and the most effective ways to recommend product feature enhancements to rSmart Customer Support. They also expanded their professional network and offered suggestions to keep the dialogue going beyond the annual conference (hint: Slack channel).

“…the conference is a great networking opportunity to share experiences with schools with similar needs,” overheard in a group conversation during the lunch break.

As a conference designed for users, presented by users, the annual rSmart Users Conference agenda is driven by member requests, specifically product features and functionality they are looking to master. Special thanks to Citrus College, Fairfield University, Indiana University, Northeast Iowa Community College, St. Edward’s University, University of Delaware, University of Michigan, Villanova University, and Washington University in St. Louis for their presentations that each offered insight into their experiences with OneCampus.

“I appreciated being able to hear how the product was being used at other institutions, and I will be taking an active role this year to refresh our initiatives,” overheard by one user as the conference was coming to a close.

Are you a OneCampus user that has not yet joined the community on Slack? Email us at info@rsmart.com and let us know, we’ll happily send you directions to join.

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