You Ask. We Deliver. Six Months and Counting: What’s Next for 2018

June 7, 2018  |  by: Anthony Potts
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Where has the time gone? We’re already almost halfway through 2018, so now is a good time to touch base on our product roadmap; looking ahead and reviewing previous months.

You may have seen my video explaining how we at rSmart strive to set ourselves apart from the traditional tech company. To paraphrase vintage cartoon character Yogi, we aim to “be (r)Smarter than the average bear.” Take our close, comfortable and ongoing relationship with our customers. We ask for a lot of feedback, and we really react quickly to what you tell us. So, it’s no coincidence that what’s coming up product-wise for the rest of the year happens to be just what you told us you wanted.

More Connectors? Yes Please.

One area where we’ve seen a lot of demand is integration. We have what we call “connectors” that allow for much simplified integration with external systems like ERP, LMS, and emergency messaging. So far, we’ve released connectors for Banner 8, Blackboard, and Canvas. They’ve been quite popular, so as requested, we’re looking to add on connectors for other systems you have on campus.

During the summer months and beyond, we’ll be working on connectors for Banner 9, PeopleSoft, and Workday, a cloud-based alternative for HR and financial management. Another upcoming connector (and specific request from Citrus College in California) is for Rave, an emergency alert system. On the LMS side, we’re looking to add support for Desire2Learn and Moodle. And, in some cases, we’re looking for schools to partner with to help us test and provide feedback. (So, let us know if you’re interested in participating.)

While connectors are the biggest thing now that everyone wants, it’s also about feature enhancements for OneCampus. We’ve got literally dozens of smaller ideas from individual customers. However, connectors and feature enhancements aren’t the only things on our mind right now,  we’re also cooking up new products as well.

Ta-da! It’s CampusConfirm and CampusClassifieds

We’re working very hard on CampusConfirm, a centralized digital verification system that makes compliance (a lot) easier. The product version is in production at St. Edward’s University and Indiana University. Based on their evaluation, there are three key things we want to add to CampusConfirm: reporting, simpler integration with external systems, and integration with OneCampus. And we’re adding local storage as well to simplify accessing data for surveys and other basic verifications and compliance issues.

Later in 2018, we will start to roll out CampusClassifieds. The best way to describe it is that the functionality is a lot like Craigslist with a fresh Instagram feel. In other words, it’s a basic online community marketing system that’s simple to use, with powerful functionality and a very modern interface. Because CampusClassifieds is limited to authenticated users on your campus, it keeps buying and selling goods and services in the family, so to speak.

Seems Like Only Yesterday

Let’s reminisce a bit. Back in February we pushed out our first OneCampus release of the year. It included a number of key enhancements, including accessibility improvements, a simple main page option, a maintenance module for clearing report data, and the ability to add bookmarks to favorite collections. Get the details.

Remember our recent spring release in May? It included UI theming, improved connector error messages and log, active content for Task Centers, and a downloadable users report.  Refresh your memory.

So, keep those emails coming. At rSmart, we’re always up for hearing your ideas, issues, and concerns. It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are.

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