Modern? Check. Simple? Check. Smart? Check.

Campus isn’t just where students attend classes and study. It’s where they live. The epicenter of everything—where they eat, sleep, work, play, and connect. Which means it has to “work” on their iPhones and Surfaces. And it’d better be fast and easy.

The Modern Campus Platform

Pushing the Next Wave of Education Technology

Powered by rSmart, the Modern Campus Platform is re-shaping technology on school and business campuses.

Ubiquitous mobile devices and applications—and the expectations they’ve created for everyone from millennials and digital natives to Baby Boomers—have set the bar.

rSmart, in partnership with its R&D allies, is developing solutions that springboard users over that bar. The products that form the Modern Campus Platform are intuitive and effective. They’re also accessible—with cost structures that often dwarf legacy systems, along with implementation timelines that routinely surprise and delight  IT professionals.

And backing up the technology is the rSmart team, lauded for knowledgeable yet personable support. (As we like to say, it’s “expert-ease” instead of “expertise.”)

Put the "now" in knowledge.

When your students need to get somewhere, they rarely reach for the atlas. It’s Google Maps.

If they need to sell their mini fridge, they list online instead of hanging flyers.

When departments analyze metrics, they use dashboards and spreadsheets, not calculators.

We’re a mobile society, with sky-high expectations of speed, simplicity, and convenience.

So why go any longer with antiquated systems and inadequate tools?



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