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Out with the old, in with the smart.

Our Modern Campus Platform delivers mobile-first tools that replace antiquated systems with fast, intuitive solutions.

Like all breakthrough technologies, you (and your students) will wonder how you managed to live without them.

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Put the “now” in knowledge.

Maybe you’re prepared to wait for modern, mobile-friendly systems. What about your students and staff? Learn more before you make the call (or a mistake).



Next-Gen Portal Solution
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Data Compliance Simplified
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Online Community Marketplace
Available Q3-4 2018

Why give them an abacus when they expect a spreadsheet?

We’re a mobile society, with sky-high expectations of speed, simplicity, and convenience.

From OneCampus’ Google-like search, to CampusClassifieds’ exclusive re-imagination of Craigslist, we help your IT team deliver the 21st Century experience we all count on for our busy, breakneck-paced lives.

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Keep up. Stay smart.

With technology now an integral part of higher education, especially as campus services, content and information go online, the need for web accessibility has never been greater.

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Let your OneCampus tenant be your orientation guide

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Ryan Vallow, Business Analyst - Enterprise Systems Integration at Indiana University interviews IU student about her experience with the campus’ modern service discovery portal, One.

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Campus life is exhilarating. Let’s make it even better.

We’re a team of technologists, educators, operators, and lifelong learners. We’ve chosen this path in order to have a meaningful impact on how students and professionals live, discover, interact, and grow.

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