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Out with the old, in with the smart.

Our Modern Campus Platform delivers mobile-first tools that replace antiquated systems with fast, intuitive solutions.

Like all breakthrough technologies, you (and your students) will wonder how you managed to live without them.

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Put the “now” in knowledge.

Maybe you’re prepared to wait for modern, mobile-friendly systems. What about your students and staff? Learn more before you make the call (or a mistake).



Next-Gen Portal Solution
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Data Compliance Simplified
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Online Community Marketplace
Available Q3-4 2018

Why give them an abacus when they expect a spreadsheet?

We’re a mobile society, with sky-high expectations of speed, simplicity, and convenience.

From OneCampus’ Google-like search, to CampusClassifieds’ exclusive re-imagination of Craigslist, we help your IT team deliver the 21st Century experience we all count on for our busy, breakneck-paced lives.

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Keep up. Stay smart.

Data compliance doesn't need to be a headache. Simply life with CampusConfirm.

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Tony Potts, CEO of rSmart discusses history of rSmart and OneCampus.

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Campus life is exhilarating. Let’s make it even better.

We’re a team of technologists, educators, operators, and lifelong learners. We’ve chosen this path in order to have a meaningful impact on how students and professionals live, discover, interact, and grow.

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